Our Montessori Program

Our Montessori Program

Our vision is to prepare children for life outside formal schooling and to be active citizens within their community. We believe in holistic approaches to teaching and learning which promote both educators and children initiate learning within the centres. Our Montessori program provides children with real life experiences and promotes lifelong love of learning through different stages of children’s development. During the Montessori program, children are encouraged to explore various materials independently according to their interests. The younger children are given the opportunities to be inspired to do more advance work by observing the older children. Many of the key areas of learning during our Montessori program are integrating with our school readiness program.

Key areas of learning during Montessori program includes:

Practical Life

  • This element aims to make connection between home environment and classroom. Independence, self-help skills and caring the environment are crucial components within this key learning area which we promote during and outside our Montessori program.


  • The aim of this key learning area is to develop the children’s sense of order and perceptions of the world. Starting with matching, sorting and grading objects according to their colours, forms, dimensions, textures, temperatures, volume, pitch, weight, taste, etc. Children are encouraged to observe and compare with accuracies to enhance their intellectual senses.


  • A range of literacy activities and materials are offered to promote children’s language development. We aim to enhance the children’s fine motor skills along with their ability to differentiate sounds of each letter in the Alphabet by using the children’s sense of sight, hearing and touch.


  • Early Mathematics are introduced using a range of sensory materials during the Montessori program and throughout the day as part of our school readiness program as well. Children are provided with the opportunities to explore various mathematical concepts such as number recognition, counting, sorting, sequencing, etc.