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Daily Routine

A typical day at Swan Academy is filled with various fun learning experiences. Children will also be encouraged to show respect and care for the environment throughout the day. We trust children’s competency and foster independence. We do this by providing numerous opportunities for the children to take part in the daily routines and decision making whilst offering plenty meaningful praises to develop their confidence and self esteem. The following routine is a guideline. Exact schedule may vary depending on the children, weather and several other factors.

07:30 AM Centre opens, family grouping and breakfast is served
08:30 AM Children transition to their own group
08:45 AM Morning meeting, literacy and story time
09:10 AM Toileting
09:30 AM Progressive morning tea. Children are encourage to serve their own morning tea to develop self-help skills
10:00 AM Sunscreen and transition to outdoor play
10:45 AM Pack away and toileting
11:00 AM Children transition inside for planned interest based experiences
11:45 AM Pack away, setting up dining area and beds. Children will be encourage to participate in these daily tasks
12:00 PM
Progressive lunch
12:45 PM
Rest time, audio book or meditation
02:00 PM
Quiet table experiences (literacy and numeracy worksheet) and toileting
02:30 PM
Progressive afternoon tea
03:00 PM
Pack away indoor
03:15 PM
Group time and transition to outdoor play (shoes and sunscreen)
03:30 PM
Outdoor play
04:00 PM
Progressive late snack and toileting
04:30 PM
Pack away outdoor area and transition to indoor
04:45 PM
Music and movement
05:15 PM
Story time and group games
06:00 PM
Centre closed