Music And Movement

Music And Movement

Our music education provides consistent opportunities for the children to explore musical concepts (e.g. beat, rhythm, pitch, tempo), compose music, express themselves musically through performing, listening and responding to music.

Children will also be introduced to various musical instruments, singers, composers and musical genres such as pop, classical, jazz, rock, blues, etc.


  • The aim of this key learning area is to develop the children’s sense of order and perceptions of the world. Starting with matching, sorting and grading objects according to their colours, forms, dimensions, textures, temperatures, volume, pitch, weight, taste, etc. Children are encouraged to observe and compare with accuracies to enhance their intellectual senses.

Benefits of music in education include:

  • Developing children’s capacities and aesthetic sensibilities


  • Promotes self-expression


  • Provide opportunities for children to discover more about themselves


  • Provides a sense of accomplishment


  • Support the development of self-esteem


  • Develop bonds with peers and awareness of different cultures